PROX™ Antiviral Fabric is tested effective against >99% SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) including both Delta & Omicron variants even after 60 washes by testing conducted at Microbe Investigations AG (MIS) in Switzerland

February 2022     |     See the Article

Prolexus’s ProX Anti-virus Textile Technology Claimed to be >99% Effective against COVID-19 Delta Variant

Innovation has been the driving force behind the establishment of ProX textile technologies by Prolexus Group, with the pandemic being its pivotal turning point.

Following the introduction of its reusable face mask, ProXmask, amidst the pandemic two years ago, the group has taken its anti-virus technology to a new height while expanding its product horizon.

Recent testing with Microbe Investigations AG in Switzerland under test report MIS AG LS21-02881, revealed that ProX fabric remained its efficacy of >99% against SARS-CoV-2 (Delta variant) even after sixty home launderings. The process optimisation via a combined antiviral treatment and production parameters has enabled such robust durability during the production by Prolexus Group.

“Despite the progressive vaccination drive worldwide, latest variants of SARS-CoV-2 still remain a global threat until today. We feel that it is a part of our responsibility to continuously upgrade the capabilities of our technologies as solutions to consumer problems,” says Dr. Harintharavimal Balakrishnan, R&D and Innovation, Prolexus Group.

To cater to the latest consumer demands, ProX anti-virus technology is now extended for application on PPA (personal protective apparel); a new apparel line to fuse protective technology with fashion.

With a bold vision with in-house textile development and manufacturing to the garment via vertically integrated capabilities, Prolexus Group has leaping competitiveness.

Prolexus Group has undergone a progressive transformation since the inception of ProX technologies, with bold ventures into strategic brand developments while tapping into the e-commerce potentials with omnichannel retail sales and marketing strategies.

It is a move to set it apart from conventional contract sportswear manufacturers worldwide.

Prolexus R&D is actively working on numerous textile technologies with accredited fabric technology solution providers around the globe for commercialisation, expanding into a new paradigm towards protective and health enrichment.

The group is also looking forward to balance innovation and commercial viability to set the part for the next generation of affordable innovative functional garments.

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