PROX™ Antiviral Fabric is tested effective against >99% SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) including both Delta & Omicron variants even after 60 washes by testing conducted at Microbe Investigations AG (MIS) in Switzerland


How to wear the ProXmask™?
For optimal protection, the following instruction should be followed each time the face mask is worn.
1) Clean your hands before touching the mask.
2) Adjust the mask to fit your face without leaving gaps on the sides.
3) Make sure that the mask covers your mouth, nose and chin.

How long can I use ProXmask™ without wash?
While you will always be the best judge for yourself, our masks are designed with comfort in mind for extended use throughout the day.

How many ProXmask™ do I need?
One mask is adequate in most cases. We would recommend two masks if you cannot wait for the mask to dry after washing it.

How to store the ProXmask™?
To prolong its use, store the mask in a clean and dry place and keep way from sunlight or high temperature environment.

How to wash the ProXmask™?
1) Wash the mask before use.
2) Wash the mask after use for hygiene purpose.
3) Hand wash with powder detergent for 3-5 minutes.
4) Leave to dry.

• Do not use bleach.
• Do not iron.
• Do not apply alcohol-based solutions.
• Hand wash durability up to 60 times; machine wash durability up to 20 times.

Precautions and Usage Limitations
• This face mask does not eliminate illness, disease or infection and is designed for general public use.
• This face mask serves for virus protection and bacteria filtration, not intended for medical application.
• This face mask does not supply oxygen. Do not use in oxygen deficient atmospheres.
• Do not use the face mask for occupational safety use against harmful chemicals, gases, vapors, oil aerosols, oil based particles or extremely high particulate concentration.
• Never substitute, modify, add, or omit parts. Use only exact replacement parts in the configuration as specified by the manufacturer.
• Follow fitting instructions carefully, filtration efficiency depends on proper fitting.
• Individuals with a compromised respiratory system, such as asthma or emphysema, should consult a physician and complete a medical evaluation prior to use.
• Not recommended for children below the age of 5.
• In case of discomfort or complication, please seek medical attention immediately.