PROX™ Antiviral Fabric is tested effective against >99% SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) including both Delta & Omicron variants even after 60 washes by testing conducted at Microbe Investigations AG (MIS) in Switzerland


The first of its kind seamless protection instant hijab series crafted with revolutionary PROX™ Antiviral Technology are now exclusively and first to introduce in the world.

PROX™ Antiviral Instant Hijab Series aspire to provide seamless protection and convenience to achieve your perfect fit. The technologies inactivate virus and microbial upon contact with fabric surfaces. By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and microbial and minimizes the potential of virus spread.

Exclusive soft and breathable fabrics structure enhance comfortability and keep you ease all day long. It bounds to lead protective innovation through essential yet functional Muslimah products for daily usage.

From the basic to exclusive made available for all sizes and occasions, the 2-in-1 piece inner + outer hijab brings convenience to your daily life and maximize your protection.



ProX™ antiviral technology designed and engineered to eliminate 99.9% enveloped viruses and bacteria including ≥ 99.9% SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 upon contact on treated fabric surfaces.

Soft and smooth touch of fabric offer you a balance between protection and comfortability.

Advance fabric’s breathability properties offer comfortability during hot weather, to ensure you always stay fresh and dry in any occasion.


Antiviral Instant Hijab Series
Style On-the-Go

Duo Series

Instant pinless hijab with 2 head loops, 1 serves for inner while the other 1 serves for outer. Slightly adjust in your desire way and you’re ready for outing in seconds. Simple, quick and easy!

Knot Series

With tie back piece serves as inner hijab, style in as easy as one two three. First to put on the hijab, next to tie to the back, and finally pin it up! Unleash your creativity to craft for your style!

1.Put on
3.Pin it up