The personal protective apparel (PPA) is an extension of the world's renowned Antiviral Mask - ProXMask created by PROLEXUS Group. The PROX Antiviral technology bound to lead protective innovation through essential yet functional apparel products for daily usage. The PPA made available for all sizes and occasions with objective to provide ultimate protection of everyone.



Treated with imitative active silver and titanium substances, the PROX antiviral fabrics attracts negatively charged Sulphur groups in glycoprotein laters of virus and bacteria. Upon contact, the microbes are captured at these active binding sites.


The positive-negative counteraction adversely disrupts the glycoprotein layers (protein capsid envelopes) of virus subsequently, inactivating it. Additional fatty spherical vesicle technology (liposomes) also helps to deplete the viral membrane of its cholesterol content. The combination of both of these mechanisms rapidly destroy enveloped viruses especially coronaviruses.


Special formulated against water inclusive infectious water droplets.
It is able to resist the penetration of water.


Light fabric with unique knitting structure to
facilitate in-and-out flow of air with adequate thickness.


Hydrophobic capability to wick away moisture
to maintain comfort and light weight .


Cooling effect with dynamic adaptive temperature control.


Infused with elastic and durable microfiber to enable
multiple way stretch and lasting through wear and tear.


Enhanced treatment over fabric to ensure soft
and smooth touch to optimize comfortability. 

The aspiration for the creation of PPA is relooking into back-to-basics clothing need based on the fundamental element of PROTECTION. Over thousand years, mankind has been making clothes for a single purpose which is to protect from all forms of harm – coldness, heat, injury, and, more.

Our shift of paradigm to look for new protection essential in the battling with threats of unknown bacteria and viruses instead of physical protection. The PPA has been introduced merging both design and protective feature via cutting edge PROX antiviral technologies combining with other fabric technologies in the modern days.

The emergence of PPA is to bring cutting-edge fabrictech (fabric technologies) from PROLEXUS GROUP at an affordable price point to everyone via real DTC (direct-to-consumer) from factory without middle person through decades of R&D and supporting worldwide renowned sport brands.

We believe the PPA will set a new benchmark in the fashion industry cater the need of modern yet ever-threatening world.


Line is interpreted as the FUTURE to connect with looking forward to the new tomorrow’s livelihood. The use of the pintuck elaborates the extension of the design element to enhance line details in more creates and enhances in a more dimensional directive.


The styles and silhouettes are stapled to suit ageless consumers and will not be faded by time and fashion style. It is well-thought and built to improve your fashion style with daily mix-and-match without outshining the style you want to be in your ever changing fashion style.


Colours used in this series are complementation of basic cores and seasonal tones to give a breath of subtle spring, and extended summery vibes for a fun casual, sport relaxed mode. A soft-tone color mix used to blend in all fashion styling.

Daily Commuters

Bus Stop

Pick Parcels

Work Place

High Density Building

Shopping Mall

Street Shop

Escalator / Lift

Restaurant / Bar

Family Outdoor Activities

Family Recreation Activies